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Wall Paintings

Wall Paintings malta, Atelier del Restauro malta

The richness of wall paintings originated on a variety of cultural expressions, aesthetic achievements, and the diversity of materials and techniques used from ancient until present times. With expertise in a wide variety of wall painting technologies, we specialize in the conservation and restoration of ​oil paintings ​on stone, fresco paintings and marouflage.

​The increasingly serious degradation phenomena  compromise irremediably the state of preservation making necessary conservation treatments timely and effective ​We are committed to conservation practice based on a ​multi-disciplinary team​. The professional members of the team​ undertake art-historical research, condition and technical investigations, environmental monitoring and materials analysis.

Through the analysis of materials and construction techniques, and thanks to the experience and expertise of its professionals, Atelier del Restauro is able to define the best intervention strategies to carry out the preservation of the wall painting.​