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Books & Paper malta, Atelier del Restauro malta

Allow us to conserve your valuable works of art on paper. Our museum quality conservation treatments are appropriate for sensitive and delicate collection items. Services include:

  • Conservation and restoration of works of art on paper including watercolors, prints, drawings, lithographs, letters, documents, photographs, maps, engravings and manuscript documents
  • Conservation and restoration of parchment and leather artefacts 
  • Conservation and restoration of Books including fine bindings.
  • Cleaning, washing, de-acidification, leaf casting, repairs, consolidation, re-sewing rebinding,  removal of tapes and attachment.
  • Treatments against active and inactive mould.
  • Anoxia treatments against insect infestations.
  • Digitization of volumes.
  • Tailor made acid free boxes and enclosures including mounting,  
  • Fine bindings in leather and marbled paper, and gold tooling.
  • Identification of printing and artistic techniques used on works of art and dating.