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We are extensively trained and have vast experience in the conservation and restoration of canvas paintings and panel paintings and can meticulously address the needs of each piece. 

Services include:

  • Scientific investigations of paint layers
  • Historical research
  • Anoxia treatment on paintings infested by woodworm
  • Stabilization of cracks and open joints in the wooden supports
  • Consolidation of papier-mâché supports
  • Consolidation of flaking paint
  • Tear repair of canvas paintings
  • Lining and strip-lining of canvas paintings
  • Fine art cleaning
  • Fine art retouching
  • Treatment of damaged panels
  • Frame conservation
  • Gilding
  • Conservation education
  • Conservation advice for practicing artists
  • Preparation of condition reports and treatment estimates 
  • Client consultation prior to purchase of artwork 
  • Collection surveys and maintenance recommendations 
  • Preparation of reports for insurance claims